With over two billion users worldwide, YouTube has become the most popular websites in the world especially for gamers and content creators.

It is no suprise that Minecraft Youtubers were born in this environment and have attained some of the biggest audiences on Youtube. Gamers love to share their experiences and achievements with the world and YouTube is the best platform for that. Video game players create video tutorials of the game, upload different challenges, and create short films related to games on YouTube. Since its inception, YouTube has been a great attraction for video game players, especially Minecraft players to share their experiences with the world.

Minecraft is the world’s most popular video game, which has survived in the market for more than a decade, and it is still the most attractive choice for gamers around the world. The classic sandbox game has over hundred million active users worldwide, the game is still growing with a great pace and it continues to introduce amazing updates with each version of the game. The most unique aspect of Minecraft is that the game provides an endless canvas to build and allows players to create virtually anything they want.

When Minecraft was released in 2009, the game had limited resources for its marketing. YouTube has played a huge role to project the game to the masses. The Minecraft community used YouTube to go viral, and earn popularity in the public. You can easily give credit to YouTubers for the success of the game, they not only promoted the game, but also motivated other players to create unique gaming content for Minecraft on YouTube.

There are hundreds of YouTube channels related to Minecraft and players around the world create incredible content related to Minecraft, including game tutorials videos, intro of different versions of the game, videos of unique creations. There are millions of videos related to Minecraft on YouTube, and these videos attract millions of views daily. If you are looking for the best YouTube channel related to Minecraft then we have a list of some of the top profiles.

Top 15 Best Minecraft YouTubers

egetta777 Minecraft Youtube

VEGETTA777 – Minecraft Youtuber

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/vegetta777

VEGETTA777 is created by a Spanish gamer and YouTuber Samuel Batuecas who is popular for creating Minecraft videos. He also uploads reaction videos of several other video games including Battlefield and Garry’s Mod, but he became famous for his Minecraft gameplay. He tries to recreate history from his Minecraft videos which not only attract viewers, but keep them engaged for a longer time.

With over 31 million subscribers, VEGETTA777 is ranked 69th most subscribed YouTube channel in the world, and second most viewed channel in Spain. Samuel has over six thousand YouTube videos and mostly videos are about Minecraft gameplay. He also collaborates with other famous YouTubers from Spain including Alexby, LuzuVlogs, and Willyrex, to create awesome Minecraft videos.

Samuel has created several Minecraft video series including PlanetaVegetta, Zona Minecraft, ApocalipsisMinecraft, and V de Vegetta. In the beginning, he started uploading reaction videos from the Hunger Games on a pirate server which became viral and popular among the Minecraft players. Samuel has his own official server named Olimpocraft which is a premium server with a variety of different games.

Check out one of his Youtube Videos below:

DanTDM – Minecraft Youtuber

DanTDM Minecraft Youtuber

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheDiamondMinecart

DanTDM is the most popular British YouTube gaming channel. It was created by a British gamer Daniel Middleton in 2012. He is famous for his video game commentaries, especially for Minecraft. Daniel covers several video games on his channel, including Minecraft, Pokémon, and Fortnite. DanTDM has been named as one of the most popular YouTuber in the world.

DanTDM is ranked as 133rd most subscribed channel on YouTube, and 46th most viewed channel in the world. It is also listed in top 5 YouTube channels in the United Kingdom. The channel has over 24 million subscribers with more than 17 billion video views. Daniel also holds the Guinness world record of online gaming.

Daniel creates a variety of entertaining videos about Minecraft. He is famous for his daily mod reaction videos and Let’s Play series The Diamond Dimensions. He has also created a Minecraft Xbox series where he builds a new kingdom in the survival mode. The series earned millions of views from Minecraft players. Daniel has also produced reaction videos in hardcore mode.

Check out one of DanTBM Videos below

PopularMMOs – Minecraft Youtuber

PopularMMOs - Minecraft Youtuber

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/PopularMMOs

PopularMMOs is one of the most-watched YouTube gaming channels in the world. Pat started this YouTube channel in 2013, and gained so much popularity in the gaming community. He is an American online gamer who is an expert in Minecraft. Pat started a series of Minecraft videos in Survival mode which became so famous and got millions of views.

Pat also created Minecraft videos of him playing with his girlfriend Jen, who also has her own YouTube channel. Couple created amazing Minecraft videos which earned millions of views. PopularMMOs has more than 17 million subscribers and over four thousands videos. Pat’s channel is ranked 104th top YouTube channel in America with over 14 billion video views.

PopularMMOs has created many Minecraft video series, including, The Crafting Dead, Mob Battles, Evil Minecraft, Mini games, Mob Battles and Real-life Minecraft. These series helped his channel to get millions of subscribers. If you are looking for an experienced Minecraft gamer then you should watch his videos.

Check out one of PopularMMOs Emerald Lucky Blog Raid Videos below:

SSundee – Minecraft Youtuber

SSundee Minecraft Youtuber

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/SSundee

SSundee is one of the most popular YouTube channels in the gaming niche. It was created by an American gamer and YouTuber Ian Stapleton. Ian is famous for uploading Minecraft videos. He started his YouTube career back in 2009 by posting a video series called Minecraft Cave Adventure. His funny and energetic personality attracted millions of subscribers on YouTube.

Ian creates amazing Minecraft related content for a younger audience. He makes sure to entertain his audience with his sense of humor and cracking jokes. Ian has uploaded many series related to Minecraft on his channel including Minecraft Hardcore Survival, Minecraft GTA 3, Ocassional Maps, What is Minecraft, Minecraft Family Feud, Minecraft GTA mod, and Mad Pack 1-3. His series “What is Minecraft” became so popularity among young Minecraft gamers. Dont forget to check out the Emerald World guide on whats technically required in creating a Minecraft Skin to use within this awesome game.

The channel currently has over 15 million subscribers and 7 billion views. It is ranked as the 131st most subscribed channel in the United States and 351st most subscribed channel in the world. Ian recently started posting videos with his wife Madelyn. She mostly appears in Minecraft videos of the channel. Ian also does videos with other YouTubers including JoblessGarrett and Nicovald.

Check out the Minecraft video from SSundee below:

CaptainSparklez – Minecraft Youtuber

CaptainSparklez - Minecraft Youtuber

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/CaptainSparklez

CaptainSparklez is a famous YouTube channel which is created by an American YouTuber Jordan Maron. He is popular for creating interesting Minecraft reaction videos in which he illustrates different features of Minecraft by playing the game. Maron basically has two YouTube channels including CaptainSparklez, and CaptainSparklez 2. Both channels are dedicated to Minecraft videos.

The channel has over eleven million subscribers and it is the 610th most subscribed channel on YouTube. He has over 5 thousand videos on his channel with more than 3 billion views. Maronhas also created many Minecraft-themed music videos. His most famous video is called Revenge, which is a parody of Usher’s song “DJ got us falling in love”.

Along with Minecraft, Maron also uploads game play and reaction videos about several other video games including Fortnite and Trials Fusion.  He demonstrates some of his favorite tips and tricks related to Minecraft gameplay in his reaction videos. His videos are very helpful for new Minecraft players, especially for kids.

Check out some of CaptainSparklez’s Minecraft Videos below:

Sky Does Everything – Minecraft Youtuber

Sky Does Everything Minecraft Youtuber

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/SkyDoesMinecraft

Adam Dahlberg is an American Minecraft player and a famous YouTubers. He started his YouTube channel back in February 2011. Adam plays Minecraft with username SkythekidRS. He was the member of a famous Minecraft group called Team Crafted, but he left the group in 2014, and started creating his own Minecraft content.

Adam has over 11 Million subscribers on his YouTube channel and over three billion views. He has uploaded more than two thousand videos about Minecraft on his channel. His channel has 228th ranking in America and ranked 50th in the gaming niche. In June 2017, Adam decided to quit making Minecraft videos to focus on his passion of singing. In 2018, he changed the name of his channel to Sky Dose Everything.

Sky Does Everything doesn’t have any tutorial or any kind of helpful content about the game, but the channel offers plenty of entertainment for the viewers. Adam has managed to engage millions of subscribers, and he makes sure to upload funny content regularly to make people laugh. Adam mostly plays in survival mode and he mostly fails in the game, but he still manages to entertain his audience.

Check out one of the Videos below:

Syndicate – Minecraft Youtuber

Syndicate - Minecraft Youtuber

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSyndicateProject

Syndicate is one of the most popular YouTube channels for its gaming videos. The channel was created by an English gamer, vlogger and YouTuber Thomas Cassell in 2010. In a short time, Syndicate became one of the largest YouTube gaming channels. Thomas also owns another YouTube channel named Life of Tom in which he shares vlogs. Along with Minecraft, he also produces videos for other video games, including, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Halo.

The most popular Minecraft series of his channel is called “The Minecraft Project”. Tom’s YouTube channel became so popular that he decided to quit his college to concentrate on his career as a professional YouTuber. He is not only famous on YouTube, but also on the streaming platform Twitch.tv. He became the first gamer to reach one million followers on Twitch.

Syndicate currently has almost 10 million subscribers with over 2 billion viewership. The channel is ranked 40th most subscribed channel in the United Kingdom. To create Minecraft videos, Tom also collaborates with other YouTubers including JerichoAFK, OMGitsfirefoxx, and CaptainSparklez, videos. Tom’s gaming skills are very helpful for new Minecraft players especially for kids.

Here is one of Sundicate’s Minecraft Videos

UnspeakableGaming – Minecraft Youtuber

UnspeakableGaming - Minecraft Youtuber

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKYb5XBe-5OSEgLijLSoDtw

UnspeakableGaming is a famous YouTube channel, it was created by an American YouTuber and gamer Nathan Graham in 2012. The reason behind the popularity of the channel is its Minecraft gameplay videos. His videos contain different Minecraft challenge games such as Do not laugh and Hide n` Seek. He is a member of The Squad, which is a famous group who creates Vlogs and gaming videos on YouTube.

Unspeakable creates amazing content related to Minecraft, he currently has three active series of Minecraft videos including Minecraft: Modern House Series, ChasecraftSkyblock, and Chasecraft Trolling. Nathan’s channel currently has almost 10 million subscribers with over 3 billion video views. The reason behind the huge success of his channel is that he creates a variety of videos related to Minecraft, especially game tutorials.

Nathan also collaborates with other famous YouTubers including Jordan Antle, MooseCraft, Shark, and PrestonPlayz to create incredibly entertaining content on YouTube. Nathan’s content is not only suitable for kids, but they also learn a lot from his videos. Nathan has a witty personality and he presents attractive commentary in his videos, which keeps fans engaged. UnspeakableGaming is currently the fastest growing YouTube channel.

Check out one of The UnspeakableGaming Minecraft Youtuber videos below:

Stampylonghead – Minecraft Youtuber

Stampylonghead - Minecraft Youtuber

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/stampylonghead

Stampylonghead is a very popular YouTube channel with over 9 million subscribers. It was created by an English YouTuber Joseph Garrett in July 2011. Garrett is famous for his Minecraft Let’s Play videos which target the younger audience. He also appeared on different children’s TV shows including CBBC, Diddy TV, and APPsolute Genius. On his YouTube channel you will find very helpful Vlog and console gameplay videos.

Stampylonghead is one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in the Minecraft niche. The channel has over 9 million subscribers from around the world. The channel is ranked as 40th in the UK and 68th gaming channel in the world. In 2012, his channel was removed by the YouTube for standards violation, but his subscribers came front to save the channel, and #savestampy became the top trend.

Stampy’s Lovely World video series became so popular on YouTube and he got millions of subscribers for that series. In his Lovely World series, he basically creates Minecraft let’s play videos on Xbox 360.  Garrett also collaborates with other famous YouTubers to create Minecraft videos including, Daisy, Chloe, Amy Lee and Leeeee x. There are a lot of Minecraft server types and videos to watch before you can start making worlds like these.

Check out one of the StampyLonghead videos below:

PrestonPlayz – Minecraft Youtuber

PrestonPlayz - Minecraft Youtuber

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJZam2u1G0syq3kyqrCXrNw

PrestonPlayz is created by an American gamer and YouTuber Preston Arsement. The channel is popular for its unique Minecraft videos. Preston is also known for creating a variety of different content including prank and challenge game videos. He owns multiple YouTube channels whereas PrestonPlayz channel is dedicated to Minecraft videos.

If you are looking for a YouTuber who has some amazing gaming skills in Minecraft and creates incredibly funny content, PrestonPlayz is absolutely the best option for you. Preston pulls off nice pranks on his friends, he comes up with great ideas to trick his friends during the gameplay. Preston’s mostly videos contain challenge games and modded content, in which he rescues his partner from different dungeons and adventure maps.

Preston mostly creates videos in Minecraft Pocket Edition and Java Edition. The old name of his channel was PrestonMinecraft which shows that he dedicated this channel for Minecraft only, but recently he changed the name of the channel to PrestonPlayz which shows that he might start posting other games as well. The channel currently has over 8 million subscribers and over 2 billion video views.

Check out one of PrestonPlayz Videos below:

YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon – Minecraft Youtuber

YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon - Minecraft Youtuber

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/BlueXephos

Second in the list is Yogscast, the channel is run by two friends Simon Lane and Lewis Brindley. Yogscast is a famous YouTube gaming group which is founded by Simon and Lewis. The group has several YouTube channels under its name, but the most famous channel is YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon. The channel has many gaming videos, podcasts, and live-streams related to Minecraft.

British YouTubers Simon and Lewis are famous for their funny commentary on gaming videos. They started their channel back in 2008 and have unique gameplay skills which keep viewers engaged. The channel is mainly famous for its Minecraft video series, and has more than seven million subscribers from around the world.

In 2010, Simon and Lewis started a Minecraft video series in the survival multiplayer mode. The series went viral and became so famous among the Minecraft community. Their Minecraft series became a major factor for the success of Yogscast YouTube channel.  The Yogscast also launches a series of live streams in December each year to raise money for different charities. 

Check out one of the Minecraft Videos below from Yogscast

Bajan Canadian – Minecraft Youtuber

Bajan Canadian - Minecraft Youtuber

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuj1Ms9_LCsQPSJ4p8nvOVA

Bajan Canadian is created by a famous Canadian YouTuber Mitchell Hughes. He became popular for uploading Minecraft gameplay videos. People love his gaming skills in Minecraft: Survival games, his specialty is do parkour and present commentary at the same time. Mitchell Hughes started uploading videos on a famous YouTube channel called AwesomeSauceFilms, which was founded by Jerome.

In 2013, he became a part of Team Crafted, and started uploading Minecraft videos independently on his own YouTube channel. Mitch instantly became one of the most popular members of Team Crafted, and his channel gained a large number of subscribers. Due to his content, parents prefer Bajan Canadian videos for their kids.  Mitch is definetly one of the Emerald World team favourites within the Minecraft gameplay genre.

Bajan Canadian currently has 5.8 million subscribers and it is ranked 37th most watched YouTube channel in Canada. The channel has over four thousand videos with around two billion views. Mitch prefers to upload videos of Minecraft mini games, including Hunger Games, Parkour, and Adventure Maps.

Why not watch one of the Bajan Canadian’s Minecraft Videos below:

iBallisticSquid – Minecraft Youtuber

iBallisticSquid - Minecraft Youtuber

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/iBallisticSquid

iBallisticSquid is another popular YouTube channel, created by a British gamer and YouTuber David Spencer. He started this channel in 2011, and gained popularity in the gaming community. He is famous for uploading videos of Minecraft gameplay and presenting a funny commentary while playing the game. He is also a member of another YouTube channel named the “MagicAnimalClub”.

Spencer also collaborated with other well-known YouTubers, such as Stampy and Leeeeee x, to create Minecraft videos. This has helped him to reach millions of subscribers on YouTube. Spencer made a video series about Minecraft on YouTube where he plays on a sky island and has to face various challenges, most of which are described by Stampy. His sky island challenge series has gained a lot of praise and popularity in the gaming community. Dont forget we have a great news piece to look at called Discussing the benefits of your own Minecraft server.

iBallisticSquid is ranked 126th most subscribed YouTube channel in the United Kingdom with over 4 million subscribers and two billion viewership. Along with his gaming skills, he is also famous for his funny commentary throughout his videos. He has created several Minecraft series including, Sky Island Challenge, Slippery Survival, Sky Grid, and Boss Battles, which are adored by many players.

Check out one of the iBallisticSquids Videos below:

Skeppy – Minecraft Youtuber

Skeppy - Minecraft Youtuber

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzMjRlKVO9XIqH_crIFpi6w

Zak Ahmed is an American gamer, Vlogger, and YouTuber who is known for his YouTube channel Skeppy. Zak creates videos on Minecraft challenge games where he allows players to complete different challenges to win prizes. Zak has multiple YouTube channels, but his main channel Skeppy has more Minecraft focused content.

Skeppy owns two Minecraft servers including InvadedLands and PVPLands. InvadedLands consists of five sub-servers and PVPLands has eight sub-servers. Most of the videos are created from these servers. The videos created by Skeppy are more organic and full of humor, which make his channel unique as compared to other YouTubers.

Zak created this channel in January 2015, and in just five years, his channel gained almost four million subscribers and around one billion video views. Zak tries to create comedy in his Minecraft videos which not only help players learn about the game, but also keep them entertained. If you are looking for Minecraft challenge games and want to get entertained then Skeppy is the ideal channel for you.

Check out one of the popular Skeppy Minecraft Videos below:

 Minecraft Universe – Minecraft Youtuber

Minecraft Universe - Minecraft Youtuber

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/MinecraftUniverse

Minecraft Universe is another popular YouTube channel, which is created by an American YouTuber Jason Probst. In the start, Jason used to upload videos playing with his friend Branson, but now he is a solo representative in the channel. The channel is dedicated to Minecraft gameplay videos.

Jason was also a member of famous Minecraft group Team Crafted, and used to play spirited games with other members of the group. Minecraft Universe is full of videos related to adventure maps, mini-games, and parkour maps. He also collaborates with other famous YouTubers to create awesome Minecraft videos.

The channel videos are suitable for both kids and adult players. You will find a variety of Minecraft videos in the channel including Let’s Plays, modded game series, and different mod reviews. Jason has also created a couple of tutorials for new Minecraft players to improve their gaming skills.  The channel currently has 2.58 million subscribers.

Please take alook at one of the Minecraft Universe Youtuber videos below:

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