Types of Minecraft Server

If you are an experienced Minecraft player, then you must have been or at least tried to be part of a Minecraft server. Server offers an opportunity for players to enjoy multiplayer Minecraft gameplay with other like-minded people, and also adds more dynamic objectives that make the game more attractive for players.

There are different types of servers available online. Before joining or setting up your own Minecraft server, you need to understand the type of server you are interested in. Always find a server that suits your gameplay, this will not only keep you interested in the game, but all so will enhance your gaming skills.

  • Survival

Servers with survival mode are the same as the original version of Minecraft. The only difference between the two versions is the number of players involved in the game. The game offers you a fun gaming experience. Stealing usually is not allowed in this kind of server. You also can’t attack the other players in the game. The Survival servers offer you great games with exceptionally interesting storylines and gameplay to keep players engaged.

  • Creative

Minecraft server with creative mode offers the most tempting gameplay for players. You can simply build anything in the creating game mode without any obstruction of other players and nasty mobs. The server gives you freedom to build amazing structure with unlimited blocks. The Creative server enhances the scope of the game, and allows players to interact with other players and their creations. You can create anything from real-life cities to ancient castles during the game, the Emerald World team are here to teach you as much as we can.

  • Player VS Player


Player VS Player or PVP servers allow players to fight against each other. The PVP server is attractive for adventure loving players. The fun gameplay of the game increases the excitement for the players. You need to learn PVP survival skills to lead in the game. Griefing and stealing is not allowed in the PVP Minecraft servers. Most of the Minecraft servers provide diamond equipment to all new players to participate in PVP action.

  • Hardcore PVP

Hardcore PVP server is an advance form of PVP server that works exactly same as other PVP servers. The only difference is that except griefing and stealing are allowed in Hardcore PVP servers but not in PVP servers. Hardcore PVP servers gives players more freedom during the gameplay, and also test the player’s gaming abilities and skills. If you are a seasoned adventure-loving Minecraft player, but you have not tried Hardcore PVP servers then you should give it a chance.  Learn more about installing a Minecraft server here.

  • Hunger Games

The Hunger games Minecraft server has gained so much popularity among the fans. The gameplay of the hunger games is just like a Hollywood movie where a player has to fight with other players till death. This is a relatively new type of Minecraft server, especially developed to add thrill and excitement in the game. The game offers a large fighting area with players spread all over the area. A player has to find other online players to fight with them. Players can also purchase special kits for their character during the game, which can give them special advantage over others.

  • Prison

Prison server is one of the most popular servers for Minecraft. Players love the old mining style of the game, where they have to face prison. Players have to start mining and gathering natural resources, and players can convert these resources into money. When a player earns money, he also earns ranking points, and some Prison mode servers also offer freedom for those players who earn high ranking points. The prison mode doesn’t allow players to grief or steal in the game.

  • Role-play

Minecraft Role-play servers allow players to take on the role of different characters during the game, for example a farmer, a blacksmith, a guard, etc. When a player accepts a role, he has to act within the specific role.  The Role-play servers use pre-made maps for the game and provide you different tasks to complete with the specific roles.

  • Challenge

This type of Minecraft Server offers different types of challenges for the players. The player needs to complete a certain challenge to win the game. A challenge can be as simple as building a structure underwater or following a difficult parkour course. The host of the server has authority to build a unique challenge for the players. The challenges created in the game can test the skills of a seasoned player. All website has been verified an has an independent Creative Commons licence for copyright protection.